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Benedict Specter

Michelle Malkin reports on Specter and card check.  Flip Flop? or selling all the way out?

Specter had come out against the bill in March, disappointing labor leaders. They had hoped he would be the crucial 60th vote needed to overcome an expected GOP filibuster of the Employee Free Choice Act.

The Pennsylvania senator has since switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party, and he said he’s been meeting with labor leaders and fellow senators in hopes of coming up with a compromise he could support.

President Barack Obama said on Thursday that he hoped a compromise could be worked out.
“How do we make it easier for people who want to form a union to at least get a vote and have an even playing field?” Obama said in response to a question during a town hall meeting in Rio Rancho, N.M. “How do we do that, but at the same time get enough votes to pass the bill? That’s what we’re working on right now.”

Specter wouldn’t elaborate on the negotiations about the legislation, but said he is “hard at work trying to find some way to find an answer.”

The bill is a top priority of labor groups.


If You Hate America, Then Leave

Joan Swirsky gets it right in her article:  The President Who Hates His Country

In just the first 100-days of his tenure, Obama’s words and actions have demonstrated that he is no friend of the country he leads. This is only a smattering of what happened on his recent three-continent trip abroad and to Mexico:

  • In France, Obama told his audience that America “has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive” toward Europe.
  • In Prague, Obama – in true utopian-kindergarten fashion – pledged “with conviction” that America will “seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons.” In other words, destroy big bad America’s ability to defend itself!
  • In London, Obama made clear that the world’s financial wealth was no longer made by those inferior leaders Roosevelt and Churchill, effectively ceding America’s leading role in creating and sharing wealth to nations that have never measured up to our country’s bountiful generosity or spirit of free-market entrepreneurship.
  •  In Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Obama sat passively while the Marxist Chavez handed him an American-bashing book and delivered another revile-America speech, while never once rising to defend our country.
  • In Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Obama again sat passively while the Marxist Ortega blamed the United States for a century of what he called terroristic U.S. aggression in Central America, again emitting not a whisper of defense on our country’s behalf.
  • In Turkey, Obama said – incredibly and inaccurately – that America was not a Christian nation.
  • And in his recent trip to Mexico, Obama said that the escalating border violence was essentially America’s fault

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This is something that has been talked about very briefly by the press last month.  This is a very important issue.. why you ask?  How a person thinks or believes is how they will act and in this case how they will govern.  If America should apologize for defending it’s country, then Obama won’t act , at least not in a timely matter, when it needs to be defended most of all.  If America should be blamed for another country’s drug and violence problems, then he doesn’t recognize the true depth of the problem.  If America is not a christian nation, when 70% are, then he is out of touch with the people who put him in office.  I bet he wouldn’t sit there and  say nothing if a marxist was speaking badly of his wife.  His job is to defend America and he took an oath to uphold the constituion of the United States.  If he feels or believes differently he should step down.


Professor Defends Terrorist Ayers



An interesting report on Accuracy In Media….. FBI changing references to Ayers and Weather Underground?  Hmmm…..

A curious thing happened after AIM editor Cliff Kincaid’s column, “‘Ayer Head’ Professor Defends Bill Ayers,” was posted on Sunday night, April 5, 2009. An FBI document about the Weather Underground, which was hyperlinked in the column, was changed by the FBI to delete a reference to the terrorist group. The “Ayer Head” Professor, Dan Kennedy of Northeastern University in Boston, admits he is the one who prompted the FBI to make the curious change. It is all part of an effort to try to separate Ayers, a leader of the Weather Underground and associate of President Barack Obama, from the murders that his group was responsible for.Kennedy, a journalism professor, has come to Ayers defense on at least two occasions. The latest was when the communist was invited-and then disinvited- to speak at Boston College.

Kennedy continues to claim that the Ayers group never killed or injured anyone, except their own members. This is a flat-out monstrous lie, which ignores the admitted and well-documented involvement of the Weather Underground in the 1981 Brinks robbery that left two police officers and a security guard dead.

The threat posed by Ayers is not over. Now a professor at the University of Illinois, he is still a communist and travels abroad, especially to Venezuela, where authoritarian ruler Hugo Chavez hosts members of terrorist groups like the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Through the Movement for a Democratic Society, Ayers and other Weather Underground members are trying to resurrect another “student movement” on the campuses. This makes the controversy one of more than academic interest. 

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