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Liberal Facism

Janeane Garofalo is a liberal facist.  This a perfect example of MANY un-hinged rantings she has displayed.   To give her air time is very irresponsible of MSNBC, but then again , they have poor management, which is evident in their ratings.  I suppose this could be a way for MSNBC to get more ratings perhaps, by letting this facist on their show, it’s like driving by a train wreck and you slow down and gawk.

I almost feel sorry for her, why you ask, I think it’s evident that she may have a personality disorder, as in narcissim or border line personality disorder.  The sad thing is that there are too many people that are so caught up in the pop culture and thrive on this kind of rantings, as they have no desire or ability to be open minded to fnd the truth elsewhere.


The Failed Anti-Capitalism Protest

As all the Tea Party goers and organizers know, these protests were organized and financed by individuals who volunteered to get them started in each state.

Fox News is covering them, the local media in each state that has had one has covered them, but no national media outlet has.  I wonder why?  Some of them have been very huge.  5,000 in Cincinnatti to name one.  Each and every state is having one and most all of them more than one city.

This goes to show the bias in the media.  The AIG protest was covered but wasn’t ANY where near the numbers that the Tea Parties turn out have been.

The Media Used For Healthcare Agenda

Some may have seen this… but it is curious indeed.  Is this a form of tyranny?  When you have the government using the media for it’s agenda.  On the Fox Nation… go here