Conservatives are Radical Domestic Terrorists?

Tyranny is the new adjective to add to the list of “What’s New” in the Obama Administration:  The Department of Homeland Security has issued a report WARNING on “rightwing extremism” with no facts or figures of any militia type activism happening or of new recruiting…. because you know if you’re anti-government or anti-abortion you might be militia!?

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Out of Control Spending


Brian S. Wesbury is chief economist and Robert Stein senior economist at First Trust Advisors in Wheaton, Ill. They write a weekly column  for Forbes.

Back in February, the government said that its $787 billion stimulus bill would create 3.5 million new jobs. This was at the very highest end of the Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) estimate of 1.2 to 3.6 million new jobs.

But even this high-end estimate of U.S. job creation is penny ante, when compared to a leaked memo from Gordon Brown, the British prime minister. He proposed a $2 trillion European stimulus plan that was supposedly going to create 19 million jobs. In other words, Europe can create a new job with just $105,000 of government spending per job, while the U.S. needs $219,000.But all of this is just a pipe dream. Government spending does not cause a net increase in jobs over the long run; it costs jobs. Every dollar the government spends is either taxed or borrowed from the private sector, which means it “crowds out” private sector job creation. And because government spending is less efficient than private sector spending, the economy actually grows more slowly in the long run as the government gets bigger.

They continue to write

The new massive government spending plans are especially frightening with the U.S. now facing $1 trillion deficits. President Obama says that this is all OK, and that he is cutting the deficit in half (to $533 billion using administration math, or $672 billion according to the CBO) in just four years. What he doesn’t say, and what no one seems willing to say, is that without his new budget the deficit would have been cut by 75% in four years to about $250 billion. The budget deficit and the size of the government are exploding and no one seems to care

Another area where the government has gone wild is in bailouts for failed companies. Ultimately, in order to assist “losing” companies, government has to collect more resources (meaning taxes) from “winning” companies and individuals.

With bailouts, jobs will be saved in certain sectors, like autos, and politicians will be able to easily count the number of jobs they have saved. Meanwhile, many other sectors will face higher taxes and a higher cost of capital, resulting in slower job gains and some outright job losses in industries across the country. The problem is that no one will be able to identify with any certainty those who are worse off because the government bailed out someone else.

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 Now we learn that some of the bailouts of  taxpayer money has been wasted.  We already know that it is unsustainable spending, taxes will go up for ALL Americans in some way, shape or form.

The Failed Anti-Capitalism Protest

As all the Tea Party goers and organizers know, these protests were organized and financed by individuals who volunteered to get them started in each state.

Fox News is covering them, the local media in each state that has had one has covered them, but no national media outlet has.  I wonder why?  Some of them have been very huge.  5,000 in Cincinnatti to name one.  Each and every state is having one and most all of them more than one city.

This goes to show the bias in the media.  The AIG protest was covered but wasn’t ANY where near the numbers that the Tea Parties turn out have been.

Tea Party Goers Political Enemies?

From The Other McCain Blog

Tea Party terrorists?  

Stephen Gordon has obtained a new report from the Department of Homeland Security issued just in time for Wednesday’s Tea Party protests and entitled, “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Environment Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.”

This DHS report warns of the terrorist threat from those who “are mainly antigovernment, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely. It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration.”

Mark Krikorian, David Boaz and Antonin Scalia are urged to turn themselves in at the nearest FEMA detention center.

UPDATE: Michael Merritt:

It gives the impression, undeserved or not, that the Obama administration is becoming a left-wing incarnation of the Richard Nixon administration, with lists of political enemies and wiretaps at the headquarters of their opponents.


American Hero FREED

sea captain

MOMBASA, Kenya (AP) – An American ship captain was freed unharmed Sunday in a U.S. Navy operation that killed three of the four Somali pirates who had been holding him for days in a lifeboat off the coast of Africa, a senior U.S. intelligence official said.

One of the pirates was wounded and in custody after a swift firefight, the official said.

Capt. Richard Phillips, 53, of Underhill, Vermont, was safely transported to a Navy warship nearby.

The official was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity.

A government official and others in Somali with knowledge of the situation had reported hours earlier that negotiations for Phillips’ release had broken down.

The district commissioner of the central Mudug region said talks went on all day Saturday, with clan elders from his area talking by satellite telephone and through a translator with Americans, but collapsed late Saturday night.

“The negotiations between the elders and American officials have broken down. The reason is American officials wanted to arrest the pirates in Puntland and elders refused the arrest of the pirates,” said the commissioner, Abdi Aziz Aw Yusuf. He said he organized initial contacts between the elders and the Americans.

Two other Somalis, one involved in the negotiations and another in contact with the pirates, also said the talks collapsed because of the U.S. insistence that the pirates be arrested and brought to justice.

Phillips’ crew of 19 American sailors reached safe harbor in Kenya’s northeast port of Mombasa on Saturday night under guard of U.S. Navy Seals, exhilarated by their freedom but mourning the absence of Phillips.

Crew members said their ordeal had begun with the Somali pirates hauling themselves up from a small boat bobbing on the surface of the Indian Ocean far below.

As the pirates shot in the air, Phillips told his crew to lock themselves in a cabin and surrendered himself to safeguard his men, crew members said.

Phillips was then held hostage in an enclosed lifeboat that was closely watched by U.S. warships and a helicopter in an increasingly tense standoff.

Talks to free him began Thursday with the captain of the USS Bainbridge talking to the pirates under instruction from FBI hostage negotiators on board the U.S. destroyer.

A statement from Maersk Line, owner of Phillips’ ship, the Maersk Alabama, said “the U.S. Navy had sight contact” of Phillips earlier Sunday—apparently when the pirates opened the hatches.

Before Phillips was freed, a pirate who said he was associated with the gang that held Phillips, Ahmed Mohamed Nur, told The Associated Press that the pirates had reported that “helicopters continue to fly over their heads in the daylight and in the night they are under the focus of a spotlight from a warship.”

He spoke by satellite phone from Harardhere, a port and pirate stronghold where a fisherman said helicopters flew over the town Sunday morning and a warship was looming on the horizon. The fisherman, Abdi Sheikh Muse, said that could be an indication the lifeboat may be near to shore.

The U.S. Navy had assumed the pirates would try to get their hostage to shore, where they can hide him on Somalia’s lawless soil and be in a stronger position to negotiate a ransom.

Three U.S. warships were within easy reach of the lifeboat on Saturday. The pirates had threatened to kill Phillips if attacked.

On Friday, the French navy freed a sailboat seized off Somalia last week by other pirates, but one of the five hostages was killed.

Early Saturday, the pirates holding Phillips in the lifeboat fired a few shots at a small U.S. Navy vessel that had approached, a U.S. military official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly.

The official said the U.S. sailors did not return fire, the Navy vessel turned away and no one was hurt. He said the vessel had not been attempting a rescue. The pirates are believed armed with pistols and AK-47 assault rifles.

Phillips jumped out of the lifeboat Friday and tried to swim for his freedom but was recaptured when a pirate fired an automatic weapon at or near him, according to U.S. Defense Department officials speaking on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to talk about the unfolding operations.

“When I spoke to the crew, they won’t consider it done when they board a plane and come home,” Maersk President John Reinhart said from Norfolk, Virginia before news of Phillips’ rescue. “They won’t consider it done until the captain is back, nor will we.”

In Phillips’ hometown, the Rev. Charles Danielson of the St. Thomas Church said before the news broke that the congregation would continue to pray for Phillips and his family, who are members, and he would encourage “people to find hope in the triumph of good over evil.”

Reinhart said he spoke with Phillips’ wife, Andrea, who is surrounded by family and two company employees who were sent to support her.

“She’s a brave woman,” Reinhart said. “And she has one favor to ask: ‘Do what you have to do to bring Richard home safely.’ That means don’t make a mistake, folks. We have to be perfect in our execution.”

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Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

Contrary to popular belief and to the statements of President Obama, there was hardly an “investment deficit” by the government over the last 8 years. Obama is merely doubling down on Bush’s expansive spending programs across the board, including the budget, bailouts, and public debt. Is this change, or just more of the same?  Maybe the media and vetters of Obama should have asked what “change” meant.

Click here for a chart of spending from the CBO (Congressional Budget Office)

Rewarding Failure

We have all heard the stories and outrage about the banks, AIG and rewarding failure.   The CEO of GM was ultimately fired and people across these “failed” companies are gone.   But what about “failed” government?

Has anyone in government been held accountable for the mistakes that have been made?  Several state governments are in the red, while some have a surplus.  If the government were a private sector business there would, at the very least, be a change in the way they do business or people would be fired.

I have a solution to the so called stimulus and not rewarding failure and it takes only three things:

1.  The stimulus money goes to the states based on population, and $5,000 is given to each man, woman and child.

2.  Any state that is in the red is required to hire a business consultant to advise them on what needs to be done to get them out of the red.  They obviously aren’t doing a good job running their business (state) and need some much needed advise.

3.  Whether the $5,000 is used to pay debt or spent directly into the economy it is a win situation.  If debt is paid it is being paid back to the banks, so the banks get money.  Americans will have more confidence in spending if their debt is gone and it could improve their crediting rating which will help the banks have more confidence in lending.  Of course if it is spent directly into the economy, this helps small business.  ALL of these things would then get the economy moving and jobs would not be lost or jobs would be created.  AND if people are unemployed and receive money this takes the strain off of states to provide medicaid, food stamps etc.

I know it’s really simple and won’t happen.   This administration isn’t about stimulating the economy, it is  about pushing their agenda for social programs, and power.

As Rahm Emanuel said:

Tea Party is a Political MOVEMENT


There has been a false perception of the Tea Parties from the left.  They think the people participating are a  bunch of Republican’s “whining” about Obama.  They are wrong!  In Andrea Tantaros column on the Fox Forum:

A recent FOX News poll found that 47 percent of respondents were willing to participate in a Tax Day Tea Party, along with 29 percent of Democrats and 29 percent of independents. By April 15th, organizers hope to have a database filled with a quarter of a million names representing a broad spectrum of political affiliations.

The message is simple: repeal the pork, cut taxes and cut spending. But there is much more at stake than the money. The impact these actions will have on our culture is key. Massive government control is a clear threat to our liberties and our values of American exceptionalism. The argument from Tax Day to Election Day 2010 should be focused on helping voters connect the dots, not only about why we can’t afford to spend money we don’t have or why we can’t trust Washington, but also about how spending and borrowing will cause irreversible damage to our union and put us on a slippery slope toward a European model of stagnate economies, welfare states and mediocrity. Plainly put: the spending and borrowing threatens our greatness. 

The fundamental difference between tea totalers and those who are drinking the leftist Kool-Aid is how they view decision-making. The Kool-Aid clan believes that government is better equipped to make choices than a country’s citizens, that they are entitled to our earnings, and that what we get back is simply a giveaway. They feel they know best how to spend it, not us, and simply don’t trust us if left to our own devices.

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Maybe the logic behind liberals belief that the government needs to take care of them, is nothing more than they CAN’T make decisions for themselves.  Why not? 

 The education system teaches this and liberal politicians have feed upon it for their own greed.  It has created what I call “Generation Entitlement”.  It has created complacency and people who are not willing to  make their own decisions, even to the extent that some can’t make their own decisions, they don’t know how.

As far as the “rich” it just pure laziness on liberals part they think the pursuit of happiness and freedom means ‘give me’, they don’t believe it is hard work that made the “rich” people … well rich.  They are like children who cry “not fair”! boo-hoo

The Ban on Guns … The Spin Continues


I have recently read some various comments on some liberal blogs about the recent mass shootings.  The consensus is to blame conservatives on the most recent shooting of the three policemen in Pittsburgh.   Here are some facts about the PEOPLE who used a gun to commit a crime.

— Richard Poplawski, 23, product of a broken family, expelled from high school and dishonorably discharged from the Marines, who killed three policemen in Pittsburgh.
— Former crack addict Jiverly Wong, 41, who told co-workers “America sucks” yet somehow was not offered a job as a speechwriter for Barack Obama, who blockaded his victims in a civic center in Binghamton, N.Y., and shot as many people as he could, before killing himself.

— Robert Stewart, 45, a three-time divorcee and high school dropout with “violent tendencies” — according to one of his ex-wives — who shot up the nursing home in Carthage, N.C., where his newly estranged wife worked.

— Lovelle Mixon, 26, a paroled felon, struggling to get his life back on track by pimping, who shot four cops in Oakland, Calif. — before eventually being shot himself.

— Twenty-eight-year-old Michael McLendon, child of divorce, living with his mother and boycotting family funerals because he hated his relatives, who killed 10 of those relatives and their neighbors in Samson, Ala.

It would make more sense to outlaw felons or crack addicts from having guns…. oh wait .. that is the law.  Yet they seem to get them anyway.  What about all the violence on television and the thug music kids today listen to?  Doesn’t that have an impact on young minds? Yes it does!

Logic ,common sense and the FACTS tells you that a person who wants to use a gun in an unlawful manner will get one anyway.  A ban will do nothing to stop them.

Think about it. Thugs are cowards. They seek out people who they believe are unarmed. They want to steal by force what others have earned by hard work.

According to liberals, the First Amendment has no limits. They believe that it is OK for television and movie producers to develop movies that glorify gun violence and thuggery. They want us to believe that movies that endorse gun violence as the solution to every social problem have “no impact on anyone.” That is a baldfaced lie.

Movies and television programs that drip with gratuitous violence overwhelm our society. We actually allow people to air movies on television where the “bad guys” kill hundreds of innocent people. The ACLU and the liberals say that there is nothing wrong with that. They are dead wrong.

Television teaches our children from their earliest days that violence is the best way to solve problems. It’s not surprising that some of them confuse the make-believe of violent cartoons, television programs and movies with reality. After all, in far too many families, children spend five to eight hours a day in front of the television.

If America wants to reduce the senseless violence that seems to have infected far too many of our citizens, it is time to hold television and movie producers responsible for the trash that they produce. Prevent them from continuing to erode the moral fabric of America.

Hillary laughs about Piracy

I think she’s laughing because of the irony of it all.  You see, this administration is committing acts of piracy upon the American People.