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The Ban on Guns … The Spin Continues


I have recently read some various comments on some liberal blogs about the recent mass shootings.  The consensus is to blame conservatives on the most recent shooting of the three policemen in Pittsburgh.   Here are some facts about the PEOPLE who used a gun to commit a crime.

— Richard Poplawski, 23, product of a broken family, expelled from high school and dishonorably discharged from the Marines, who killed three policemen in Pittsburgh.
— Former crack addict Jiverly Wong, 41, who told co-workers “America sucks” yet somehow was not offered a job as a speechwriter for Barack Obama, who blockaded his victims in a civic center in Binghamton, N.Y., and shot as many people as he could, before killing himself.

— Robert Stewart, 45, a three-time divorcee and high school dropout with “violent tendencies” — according to one of his ex-wives — who shot up the nursing home in Carthage, N.C., where his newly estranged wife worked.

— Lovelle Mixon, 26, a paroled felon, struggling to get his life back on track by pimping, who shot four cops in Oakland, Calif. — before eventually being shot himself.

— Twenty-eight-year-old Michael McLendon, child of divorce, living with his mother and boycotting family funerals because he hated his relatives, who killed 10 of those relatives and their neighbors in Samson, Ala.

It would make more sense to outlaw felons or crack addicts from having guns…. oh wait .. that is the law.  Yet they seem to get them anyway.  What about all the violence on television and the thug music kids today listen to?  Doesn’t that have an impact on young minds? Yes it does!

Logic ,common sense and the FACTS tells you that a person who wants to use a gun in an unlawful manner will get one anyway.  A ban will do nothing to stop them.

Think about it. Thugs are cowards. They seek out people who they believe are unarmed. They want to steal by force what others have earned by hard work.

According to liberals, the First Amendment has no limits. They believe that it is OK for television and movie producers to develop movies that glorify gun violence and thuggery. They want us to believe that movies that endorse gun violence as the solution to every social problem have “no impact on anyone.” That is a baldfaced lie.

Movies and television programs that drip with gratuitous violence overwhelm our society. We actually allow people to air movies on television where the “bad guys” kill hundreds of innocent people. The ACLU and the liberals say that there is nothing wrong with that. They are dead wrong.

Television teaches our children from their earliest days that violence is the best way to solve problems. It’s not surprising that some of them confuse the make-believe of violent cartoons, television programs and movies with reality. After all, in far too many families, children spend five to eight hours a day in front of the television.

If America wants to reduce the senseless violence that seems to have infected far too many of our citizens, it is time to hold television and movie producers responsible for the trash that they produce. Prevent them from continuing to erode the moral fabric of America.