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Non-Citizens May Get To Vote

Immigrants vote

In Maine the democrats have proposed a bill to allow non-citizens to vote.  So why not abolish all our laws for citizenship and just run a country amok?!   .

Below is part of the article by Glenn Garvin

Bill LD 1195, introduced by Democrats in the state legislature last month, would allow non-U.S. citizens to vote in Maine’s municipal elections. The bill is getting a sympathetic hearing from state officials who, extraordinarily, feel that Maine has been tinted by restricting voting to actual Americans. “Whenever you get more people to participate, you add legitimacy to that process,” Matthew Dunlap, Maine’s secretary of state, told The Portland Press Herald.

The bill would apply only to legal, resident immigrants, but that may be only a first step. The vague rationales for LD 1195 _ an increase in the numbers of voters and their ethnic diversity _ would certainly apply to refugees and illegal immigrants as well.

Even more expansive is the reasoning of Eric Nkusi, the executive director of a Portland immigrant-advocacy group called the Intore Club. “We pay the same taxes,” he says, an argument that would even apply to Canadian tourists who stop at gas stations on their way to their annual winter sunburn in Florida.

There’s nothing to stop Maine legislators from passing LD 1195 but the apparently slender thread of their own common sense. Federal law and the U.S. Constitution have little to say on the subject of local elections, and a handful of small towns already allow it _ notably Takoma Park, Md., a people’s-republic suburb of Washington that has also declared itself a nuclear-free zone and severed diplomatic relations with Burma.

If a presumed political adult like Maine follows suit, it may be time to start worrying. For there’s a small but determined movement to abolish the link between citizenship and voting that would surely leverage victory into a national initiative.


This is an obvious attempt by democrats to get more votes or a powergrab,if you will,  but be careful what you wish for.  It has been my observation that liberals run head first into their ideological lawmaking without considering consequences of their actions