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Rewarding Failure

We have all heard the stories and outrage about the banks, AIG and rewarding failure.   The CEO of GM was ultimately fired and people across these “failed” companies are gone.   But what about “failed” government?

Has anyone in government been held accountable for the mistakes that have been made?  Several state governments are in the red, while some have a surplus.  If the government were a private sector business there would, at the very least, be a change in the way they do business or people would be fired.

I have a solution to the so called stimulus and not rewarding failure and it takes only three things:

1.  The stimulus money goes to the states based on population, and $5,000 is given to each man, woman and child.

2.  Any state that is in the red is required to hire a business consultant to advise them on what needs to be done to get them out of the red.  They obviously aren’t doing a good job running their business (state) and need some much needed advise.

3.  Whether the $5,000 is used to pay debt or spent directly into the economy it is a win situation.  If debt is paid it is being paid back to the banks, so the banks get money.  Americans will have more confidence in spending if their debt is gone and it could improve their crediting rating which will help the banks have more confidence in lending.  Of course if it is spent directly into the economy, this helps small business.  ALL of these things would then get the economy moving and jobs would not be lost or jobs would be created.  AND if people are unemployed and receive money this takes the strain off of states to provide medicaid, food stamps etc.

I know it’s really simple and won’t happen.   This administration isn’t about stimulating the economy, it is  about pushing their agenda for social programs, and power.

As Rahm Emanuel said: