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Waterboarding used on U.S. Military as part of TRAINING.

Part of some U.S. military training is the SERE program, which they use waterboarding, as a one reader of commented:  

I underwent SERE training in the Air Force at Fairchild AFB during the Viet Nam era with no adverse issues. I subsequently completed 300 combat missions and a 23 year career. I suspect nobody on Obama’s staff today could complete 24 hours of SERE without whining to the ACLU. And we expect these people to defend us? Gimmme a break!

A article:

One of the previously classified Justice Department memos detailing CIA interrogation techniques that was released by Obama last week revealed that waterboarding was routinely used in the training some U.S. military personnel.

The waterboarding took place in the SERE program, an acronym for “Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape.” The formerly classified memos were prepared by the Justicie Department to advise the CIA on the legality of “enhanced techniques” of interrogation that included waterboarding.

An August 2002 memo on CIA interrogation tactics used on some captured al Qaeda terrorists  said the “same techniques” continued to be used on some U.S. military personnel during SERE training.
Those “same techniques” included waterboarding, according to the memo. The memo further stated that waterboarding had a “near 100 percent” effectiveness rate in extracting information from trainees, while no soldiers were harmed physically or psychologically by it.

“The mission [of SERE] is to train military members to survive an isolation event,” said Kathleen Jabs, spokeswoman for the U.S. Joint Forces Command, the division of the Defense Department that oversees the SERE program. “It could be a full range of things.”

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