Tea Party Pictures

Indianapolis Tea Party – I attended the Indy Tea Party with my son and father.  It was held downtown at the State Capitol  I was surprised at first when I arrived a half hour early and the amount of people that were there.

The Tea Party official start time was 4:30 but the organizers delayed in starting due to people were pouring in around that time so it started around 4:50 , people were still pouring in , at least from my vantage point until 5:30.  (Probably people getting off work.)  I honestly have to say that this was my first time ever being in a crowd this size where there was NOT ONE person that was rude, or disruptive.  Everyone I walked past, ran into, (as it was packed) were polite, nice, engaging just how people should treat others on a daily basis.  I was inspired by the speakers, the organizers, A BIG THANKS YOU TO Richard and Laura Behney for creating this event for Indianapolis, the speakers and everyone who attended.

My 16 year old son was not as excited to go as I was, no I didn’t make him, he decided to attend after he saw Fox pick up the stories about the Tea Parties.  I have to say I have never seen my son be so inspired from something other than his playstation, LOL.  He still talks about it, and having seen some of the negative coverage he’s  shocked at the lies.  He asks me, “How can they say these things, I was there, none of this is true”.  What do I tell him?  He’s old enough to hear the harsh realities we now face, but it still breaks your heart. I remember when there was fair and balanced reporting, true reporting, my son doesn’t and I hope he will be able to see it again.  I hope he is able to see a united country, a bipartisan country that is about the people and not parties, where free speech isn’t ridiculed, and where he doesn’t have to pay a mountain of debt because of bad decisions made by partisan politicians.  This is what I am fighting for.





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  1. kt8268 on

    I don’t see any racists here as the borderline personality disorder Janeane Garofalo has claimed.

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